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Solo Exhibitions 


2020  Retramp Gallery, Nothing to See Hear, Berlin

2015    Lantern Gallery, Friends In High Places, Winnipeg, MB

2014    Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Drinking Ink, With a Shadow and a Shrink, Toronto, ON

2013    Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Verses vs. Verses, Toronto, ON

2012    Angell Gallery, Unrolled Telescopes, Toronto, ON

2011    Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Go West, Toronto, ON

2010   Golden City, Let’s Live Here, Winnipeg, MB

2009   Maison des Artistes, Travail, Winnipeg, MB

2006   Gallery Neubacher, Whipping the Waves, Toronto, ON

2005    Katherine Mulherin Gallery, The Wrong Songs For The Right Fights, Toronto, ON

1999    Galerie Articule, Everything in A Minor, Montréal, QC

1996    Off-Ice Gallery, Adrian Williams, Winnipeg, MB

Group Exhibitions

2022  Painter 8, Fight/Flight, Virtual Exhibit

2020  Galerie Heike Arndt, Fresh Legs, Berlin

2018   Galerie Robert Poulin, Erban et Bruts, Montreal, QC 

2017    T berlin, T=HxW, Berlin, Germany

2017    Mason de la culture Frontenac, Marginaux et Francs-tireurs, Montreal, QC  

2017    Galerie Robert Poulin, Histoires comme ça, Montreal, QC 

2016    Galerie Robert Poulin, Hérésie, Montreal, QC 

2015    Galerie Robert Poulin, Mixed Grill, Montreal, QC 

2013    Galerie Division, Après le Royal Art Lodge, Montreal, QC

2012     Le MIAM, My Winnipeg, Sète, France

2012     Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ON

2011     Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Highly Desirable, Toronto, ON

2009    The Spot, Winnipeg, MB

2008    New Counties, The Spot, Winnipeg, MB

2007    Angell Gallery, Phil Irish& Adrian Williams, Toronto, ON

2006    Galerie Pierre-François Ouellette, Paul Butler Presents, Montreal, QC

2006    Zieher Smith Galler, Paul Butler Presents, New York, NY

2006    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Supernovas, Winnipeg, MB

2005    The Spoke Club, S.S.K.A.A., Toronto, ON

2005    Gallery Neubacher, Summer Fling, Toronto, ON

2004    China Art Objects, You Won’t Live to 30, Los Angeles, CA

2004    luftgallery, 300 Pounds, Toronto, ON

2003/4    The Drawing Centre, Ask the Dust, New York, NY

2003    The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Ask the Dust, Toronto, ON

2003    de Vleeshal, Ask the Dust, Middleburg, The Netherlands

2003    Seoul Museum of Art, Ask the Dust, Seoul, South Korea

2003   The Pacific Design Center, Ask the Dust, Los Angeles, CA

2003   Gallery Neubacher, Another One, Toronto, ON

2002    Espace 201, Ville Peintre, Montreal, QC

2002   Gallery 803, Group of N, Montreal, QC

2002   Edifice Belgo, Seven Broken, Montreal, QC

2001    The Living Room, Michael Dumontier/Jon Pylypchuk/Adrian Williams, Los Angeles, CA

1999     Gallery 803, Runaways, Montreal, QC

1998     Ace Art, A Relatively Small Collection, Winnipeg, MB

1997     The Plug In, Freshly Popped, Winnipeg, MB

1997    University of Houston, The Royal Art Lodge, Houston, TX

1996     136 Market, The New Work, Winnipeg, MB

1995     Gallery 111, Fun, Fun, Fun, Winnipeg, MB

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